Got Tagged Today … I’ll Do My Duty … 5 Things Nobody (I Think) Knows about me …

I got tagged today by Guy Smith-Ferrier.  I never knew about this tag stuff, but he explained it to me. So I’ve tagged 2 other people Richy Costall and someone else who’s name I forgot.  I’ll get the other 3 soon, promise … Meanwhile …
1.  I played bass guitar in a band at York University called "Eric Slagg and the Spanish Hotels".
2.  I’ve never eaten the white of an egg in my whole life.
3.  I’ve travelled to the following places outside of the UK: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Spain, Tunisia, Ibiza, Gibralter, Iceland, USA, Ascension Island, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Kenya.
4.  I did the London To Brighton Cycle ride the morning after a friends stag do in London held at the "Borstch and Tears" in Kensington, I don’t remember much about the party, except standing on a table after slugging back a bottle of red wine with my arms around 2 women from a hen party who were in the bar too, and singing some God awful eighties song.  Somehow I made it to Brighton …
5.  My right index finger is bent, and less flexible than my left, due to having a softball hit it very hard during a school softball match which permanently damaged the join.  My lifelong excuse for my appalling standard of writing, and my crap typing skill!
Done my bit ,
See Yah!
Dave Mc

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