I’m getting a little tired of so called Enviromentalists!

This blog is not a political one obviously, but there comes a time in all our lives when you have to vent your spleen, and with the farce this weekend of the Live Earth concert, I’m sorry I just have to have my say!  In order that I get on lots of Search Engines, I’ll just say ‘Paris Hilton’, but this blog entry is really about "CAN WE HAVE SOME SENSE PLEASE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!"
The number one thing that really naffs me off is about recycling paper.  I don’t have a problem with recycling paper generally but when some self-righteous, self-appointed ‘Climate Expert’ or Charity such as FOE, keep saying use less paper as it saves trees it does my head in.  Just about ALL paper comes from trees that were grown for exactly that purpose.  In the US, they plant 2 trees for every one choped down for paper.  Some forests would not even exist if it weren’t for the paper industry. Think of all the bleach you have to use to make the paper useable again, and in any event you can only recycle paper about 5 times before its useless.
Far more damaging to forests are the furniture manufacturers and industries that use hard-wood.  I’m not talking pine furniture here, those guys plant 3 trees for every one they chop down.  Forests in Scandinavia are expanding thanks to the companies that supply the pine furniture industry.  No if you have mahogany or teak in your house, you have probably contributed to the extinction of an eco-system (Rain Forest).  If you use lots of paper you probably have contributed to the growth of an eco-system (Ever-Green Forest).
Number 2 thing that naffs me off is this ‘Carbon Footprint’.  God, it makes me sick.  Everything we do produces CO2, in case you hadn’t noticed we breath it out along with a whole bunch of Oxygen!  THis thing about having a Carbon Friendly Stage at the concert, so how was it manufactured, how did it get there? All these processes use energy, and our main source of energy is burning fosil fuels!  The clothes you wear cost energy, the food you eat costs energy, the TV you watch, the bath you run, not just the heating but the purification of the water, should I go on?  How much energy was expended doing the concert which would not have been if it was not held?  Personally I don’t care, because my point number 3 is this …
Climate Change is happening whether we like it or not.  It was happening before we ever appeared on this planet and will continue to happen irrespective of what we do!  Everybody seems to assume that it is us who are causing the Global Warming, well I do believe we as humans impact our environment, mainly to the detrement of other species, and I’m a big advocate of looking after our environment simply because we are all better off if the enviornment is healthy.  Healthy seas means healthy fish for us to eat, likewise healthy forests means more animals and more CO2 absorbed, healthy grasslands means healthy livestock and healthy crops again for us to eat.  Lower air pollution means healthier air and less respiritory problems, its all commn sense. 
Global Warming has been happening for the last 10000 years, and records of temperatures have only been kept by the met office for about 400 years.  1000 years ago they were growing wheat and barley in the Orkneys, so the archeologists tell us (BBC program about a year ago) so it must have been one hell of a lot warmer then.  I read tonight that the CO2 level in the atmosphere has increased by 34% since the start of the industrial revolution, CO2 consitutes about 1% of the atmosphere.  Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas it has gone up by 140% in the same period.  Biggest source of methane? Cow’s arses! 
I for one am amazed that people do not recognize the fact that the climatologists keep saying their predicitions have vast areas of uncertainty.  Also that most people seem to forget about the one single thing that influences the earth’s climate more than anything else.  A thing in which a fraction of a percent change can have huge consequences on earth.  The solar output!  Any slight change in solar output massively affects conditions on this planet and others, and strangely enough, I read about a year ago that Mars is experiencing Global Warming too.  Well now, there’s a bomb shell!  If Mars, and apparently Jupiter and Pluto are all being affected, how can that be if the human race is the major cause of it all?  You think the Galileo probe caused it or the Voyager probes?  There’s a web site here which has brought many of these reports together, read it and see what you think. 
Its about time, we stopped and started thinking.  Climate Change is always with us, always has been, always will be, we can’t stop it! Sorry and all that, but we cannot stop it.  What we can do, is keep our own back yards tidy, look after our local environment, recycle what is necessary (metal and plastic are to my mind the key ones, they consume the most resources and thereby impact the environment the worst, yet are cheaper to recycle than to produce from raw materials, well metal certainly is).  Stop swallowing the political and enviromental propoganda, and think about it more.   One thing is for certain in my mind, whatever we do will NOT destroy the planet.  Earth has survived for 4.5 Billion years through much worse things than what’s going on now.  It will still be here for another 4.5 Billion Years with all sorts of wonderful creatures.  We humans too have a remarkable capacity for survival too, I think we’ll be around a while yet …
Rant over, back with techie stuff next time!

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