I’ve got me a 3D Vista Desktop … Nice!

At the June Coventry NxtGenUG meeting, Ben Hall briefly showed a Vista 3D Desktop a la Linux Beryl. Well I liked it so much I downloaded it and took a screen shot ‘semi-rotated’ (see below for image)

The software is called Yod’m 3d (Yet Another Desktop manager apparently!) and has recently been bought from Chris’ Soft by Otaku Software. You can get hold of it here.
It apparently works on XP too, so Andy Maggs tells me and its more than just a fancy ‘toy’, you can load different backgrounds etc to differentiate the work areas on the cube, and I find it very useful to load any Remote Desktops onto different desktops and then just spin between them, its cool, but efficient too.

Give it a go, if you haven’t already!

Cheers Dave

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