SQLBITS – The Aftermath

(To be read perhaps in the style of Stuart Hall)

SQLBitsLogoWell yet another conference done, this time SQLBITS the first DDD Style conference in the UK dedicated to those bastions of the IT world – the database guys and gals.  

Yes, for a whole Saturday, a crowd of 321 ANSI standard, execution plan, nanosecond and performance obsessed people including myself, milled around Microsoft Reading building 3, when they should have known better.  There was a time, I’m sure in ages past, when to ignore the spectacle of an English Rugby Team beating the colonial outcasts of Australia would have been a treasonable offence, not so these days, more’s the pity, and that noble and glorious victory went virtually unnoticed in the unrelenting fervor to obtain that one piece of SQL know-how which might make for a serene workplace or perchance create a rampaging database capable of putting a man on Mars before the year is out.

No question, SQLBITS was a success, in my eyes at least.  The overseers were Tony Rogerson, Simon Sabin, Martin Bell and Chris Webb.  The ‘top brass’ of the UK SQL Community, gathered in a single place surrounded by an army of followers, willing or otherwise, and a sterling performance by all it has to be said.  Development, SQL 2008, DBA, and BI were the pillars of the day deployed in Chicago 1, 2, Memphis and Everest to which the faithful were guided and shepherded by the ever present Microsoft Events staff (do they ever sleep?). 

The mood was light, the smiles ever-present, they enjoyed themselves it seemed, as sessions on SQL Server Deployment Security, Analyzing Indexes, Analysis Services in SQL2008, SQL Integration Services, Unit Testing in SQL Server and Database Mirroring came  faster than Louis Hamilton around Silverstone and more often than repeats of Big Brother on Channel 4.  The day was packed, with barely time to grab a chicken sandwich and foil-fresh packet of Cheese and Onion crisps, it was session after session of tips and tricks and news and gems.  To cap it all the vendors were there, flaunting their wares in a bold and sassy manner that would put a cockney street seller to shame. Idera, vibrant Orange, Quest, blue and serene and Solid Quality quiet, unassuming, professional. 

But where were Redgate? Those pinnacles of quality and good form in the SQL World? They were in the crowd, so give them a cheer, I said, they paid for the busses to the knees-up after the event! And so the day ended, the crowd rolled away, dissipating like confetti after the wedding with some going to the Group By party for a last bowl, beer and chips.  The rest, including me, exhausted, fulfilled, stuffed with knowledge, wound our way home to reflect on the wonder that is Community … Podcast to follow.

Don’t miss the next SQLBITS if you do any SQL, and don’t forget about DDD6 at the end of November if you do any sort of development.




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