Antarctica is not melting before our eyes …

Check out this article I picked up via Slashdot. Once again the whole story Antartic - it'll be here for quite some time longer!is not being painted.  Yes, Western Antarctica is loosing ice, but Eastern is gaining and cooling and overall the ice volume around the continent is expanding and deepening. 

Does this mean Global Warming is a lie? Of course not, Global Warming is a reality, which started many years ago but I firmly believe it was not started by Man.  What it does mean, yet again is that there are so many imponderables when it comes to the climate that you should be wary when you hear either scientists or more specifically politicians claiming that such and such a thing WILL happen.

I also hear that there is 33% more ice in the Arctic this year, not hearing much about that in the news either. However, a good deal of the ice is new not stable old ice which is worrying. Nevertheless, the Arctic has been warm before and it’s still there now, thank goodness it’s not too big, otherwise the UK would be like bloomin’ Siberia!

Just in case you think I’m poo-pooing any concern over the environment, I most certainly am not!  What I worry about is the obsession with carbon and Global Warming.  We can’t do much about the climate if anything.  We CAN however stop people chopping down rainforests, we can stop them unnecessarily building dams, we can stop over-fishing, waste dumping, making poisonous emissions, dropping fag ends, throwing litter, let’s concentrate on what we can influence here and now and deal with what the planet serves us up on the climate front.


Dave Mc


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