A Great SharePoint Book

Building the SharePoint User Experience is a book I’m reading.  I highly recommend it, it covers all the stuff you need to know about customizing the SharePoint UI.  Now although I’m nominally a SharePoint MVP and therefore supposedly a SharePoint ‘guru’ (yeah right!), the product itself is so vast, it’s virtually impossible to know it all and one area I’m weak on is UI Development, having spent most of my time on Installation, Configuration and development of Custom Web Services and internal stuff for SharePoint.  When it comes to actually building something that people look at, I’m not at my most confident.
This book has therefore been a great reminder.  Most of the stuff I’ve heard before from either Ted Pattison or the late great Patrick Tissegham. But like all things unless you work at them regularly you forget.  So there is reminders but also some new stuff.  I plan to run a series of Nuggets at NxtGenUG covering some of the things in this book.  Nice one Bjorn …
Dave Mc

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