SharePoint 2007, PRISM and Silverlight 3.0

Not got time just now, but I plan to release an article soon on writing a composite Silverlight 3 application in PRISM then deployed onto Sharepoint with WCF Services providing the data services, hopefully it will be useful to people to show how the whole thing can hang together.  It will be based on a PRODUCTION system we’re implementing right now at Ridgian.  Watch this space …
Dave Mc

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5 Responses to SharePoint 2007, PRISM and Silverlight 3.0

  1. Dragan says:

    Have you ever gotten arround implementing/deploying Prism app in SharePoint? How do you deal with module loading in SharePoint environment?
    Sincerely, Dragan

    • Yes we have implemented Silverlight many times with PRISM in SharePoint. Simply place the Modules.xml in any old location, I think we used the Style Library, and load the Modules Catalog from it.

      • Dragan says:

        I tried that but I guess I couldn’t reference it correctly in module catalog xml. Any advice here?

  2. Jon says:

    Hi, I know this is an old post but would love some assistance. I was just wondering if the PRISM mentioned in this article refers to the PRISM contracting management software? I’m currently looking for ways to interface between SharePoint and PRISM and found your article through google searches.


    • No, the PRISM referred to is the .NET Framework Libraries which are used in Microsoft Silverlight Browser applications. It is essentially a developer tool.


      Dave Mc

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