SharePoint “Access Denied” to Read-Only Users

Had the bizaarist of errors last two days on SharePoint.  If a user was in a Read only SharePoint group they would receive a ‘Access Denied” message, not all that odd you might say, but in the end it came down to a single custom control (I did not write it …!) which was accessing the UserProfileManager.  So you’d think that maybe the user needed some permission relating to managing their own profiles?  None of that it came down to being able to Browse SharePoint libraries via SharePoint or WebDav, despite none of that stuff being needed, accessed or even referenced.

Set the relevant permission by creating a custom PermissionSet which was cloned from the Read Permissionset, added the above permission in and the Read Only users could then see the pages. Not quite ideal as some of the Site Actions become available.

Even more odd, the same behaviour was NOT present with the same code on the Test Rig … eh?


Dave Mc

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