Woo Hoo! Somebody Reads My Blog!!!

God I’m so happy! Somebody actually reads my blog! Bjorn Furuknap mentioned me in his response to my response to his blog entry … does that make sense …???
Bjorn, you’re a gem! But you’re twisting my words here .. course you’re not lying, and I actually agree with a lot of what you say BUT … I think my comparison to starting an ASP.NET from scratch is quite justified, because in reality that is what most times the choice is.  What are the alternatives to Sharepoint on the Windows platform?  You’re on Windows so generally you would go for ASP.NET?  OK, you could do PHP etc, but most times you’d go for ASP.NET.  What is a Collaboration Portal, A web-based Document Management System?  They’re just web applications and I’ve long been of the belief that ALL web applications are basically the same.  You send a request, the server does some work, you get a response, SharePoint is a framework, a more advanced framework than ASP.NET, so why not use it?  Sure it takes some work to make it ‘dance’ (as you say on the back of your excellent book!)
If you want a document management system only. go buy a document management system.  if you want a blogging system only go find something like WordPress, the fact of the matter is that most times people don’t actually know what they want, they normally want more than they say, and as a platform SharePoint can deliver – if the right people are working the project – no big deal there – same with anything!
So no SharePoint doesn’t suck (well it does in some places – workflow in Sharepoint Designer for sure sucks!!), and I still think really deep inside you don’t think so either … you just have to face up to your demons, free yourself from the shackles of inhibition and admit it … you love SharePoint … go on … really you do … 🙂
Dave Mc

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