Global Warming, the debate ain’t over!

 Picked up this great video (below).  The guy who introduces it is a bit 70’s, but included in the video is Prof Roy Spencer who’s blog I follow and I highly recommend if you actually want a balanced view of the debate on Global Warming.  My opinion?  I believe that there are far more serious issues we need to be working on such as stopping the destruction of the rain forests (partly caused now by the farming of bio fuels supposedly to battle Global Warming!), over fishing of the seas and littering …


(Update)  If you’ve a bit more time, then check out this video (below) , it’s an hour long session on the observed numbers of what is actually happening with the climate and the Q&A session at the end is really interesting!
Dave Mc

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Software Developer & Architect, User Group Leader, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Occasional Guitarist, Man-made Global Warming Sceptic, Climate Change Believer, General Optimist but most of all proud Husband and Dad ...

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