Global Warming Email Scandal?

Wow! I’d missed this in amongst all the Sharepoint 2010 fun.   It looks like the East Anglia Uni centre for Climate Research has had it’s emails released. Hacked is the word used but apparently it’s looking like a whistle-blower job.  Roy Spencer in this blog entry gives some of the details and links where you can read the emails.  Question is … are the comments being taken out of context as the senders claim, or do they point to what some of us suspect that whilst climate change is happening (as it always is), somehow, the real observations just are not matching those models like they should, and the politicians just won’t accept that …
Dave Mc

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Software Developer & Architect, User Group Leader, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Occasional Guitarist, Man-made Global Warming Sceptic, Climate Change Believer, General Optimist but most of all proud Husband and Dad ...

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