SharePoint 2007 Audiences Not Showing All Users

Had an issue today with SharePoint 2007 Audiences. We had 3 Users in AD Group A, and had configured an Audience to include Users from Group A.  No matter what we tried, Incremental Profile Imports, Full Profile Imports, we couldn’t get the Audience to compile with the correct users. I noticed in the Audience Membership Dialog Picker that there were duplicate entries for some AD groups. 
An examination of the SharedService Database, in particular the dbo.MemberGroup table revealed the source of the problem.  About three months ago we had an AD re-organisation and the duplicated entries in the Dialog Picker were in the table, one for the old location and one for the new.  So after hunting around and finding nothing of help, I did the unsupported thing and removed unwanted entries (about 5 of them) from the dbo.MemberGroup table in the SharePoint database (naughty I know). But this fixed the issue.  Audience Member Picker showed no duplicates and more importantly, the Audiences now compiled correctly and I got the Users in the Audiences I expected.
Dave Mc

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2 Responses to SharePoint 2007 Audiences Not Showing All Users

  1. moto says:

    Looks like I’m having similar problems to yourself but I’m wary of deleting items from MemberGroup…

    Can I ask, were the duplicate items in the table groups/audiences that had a problem importing users? It is not in my case, I have duplicate entries (except SourceReference column) but not the Group/audeince I have a problem with.

    • Gosh this was a while back. I remember only deleting from the MemberGroup table 5 specific entries corresponding to the groups which were showing as duplicates, it was over two years ago now and I’m afraid I con’t remember too much of the detail … Sorry … and good luck!

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