Why I loved the Royal Wedding …

Today’s royal wedding for me was a bit of a surprise.  I am unashamedly a monarchist and a proud Englishman, but weddings to me are normally always overdone. When I got married it was in a registry office and afterwards we went down the pub …

Grateful though I was for the extra bank holiday, I never planned to watch the whole thing, yet I did.  I browsed briefly to the Beeb’s website mid morning and started getting caught up in the day, so I sat down with Sandra and watched it through from about 10.30am to 1.30pm on the TV.  Didn’t plan to.  We just did.  And I loved it.

Now many people I know will say I succumbed to the hype, that I’m a shallow person, that the royals are a modern day anachronism, of no use, that the day was a waste of money in a troubled time, that the monarchy is pointless in today’s world.  Well everybody is entitled to their opinion, and you can write your opinion on your own blog if you want, or in the comments of this blog, but here’s why I loved the royal wedding:

It was a day when the nation as a whole could get together without conflict, malice or cynicism and have fun celebrating the marriage of a great young couple and subsequently have it’s spirits raised in a time of uncertainty and worry.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the feel-good factor, whilst one day alone cannot get us out of the financial mess we find ourselves in, a day such as today is an investment in us, in Britain.  Forget the extra business for traders, resturants, pubs, clubs and TV and radio stations, things you can’t buy are confidence, goodwill and happiness. Will people feel better or worse as a result of today?  I would say the overwhelming majority will feel uplifted and better.  Sometimes you just have to forget your problems and enjoy yourself and that what today enabled each and everyone of us to do. If you chose not to, that’s your loss, not mine.

Are the royal family and the monarchy worth it? Absolutely!  Forget the money side of it.  Anybody who thinks the monarchy costs too much clearly doesn’t understand that the royal family probably contributes positively to the economy through promoting Britain abroad, through tourism, through taxes on royal estates and through employing and paying a large number of people.  This invisible income probably far outweighs the £40 odd Million they get from the civil list.  But even if it didn’t, this year the government will pay £50 Billion in interest on our debt, that’s over 1000 times the amount the royal family recieve, and that’s £50 Billion for nothing.  So forget the money, it’s a tiny drop in the ocean.

Are they relevant in this day and age?  Absolutely.  They connect us with over a thousand years of our history. Some people seem to believe the myth that the Queen’s family were German, but that is firstly neither true or secondly relevant.  The House of Saxe-Coburg as the Windsor’s were known came from Queen Victoria’s Husband Albert.  All monarchs since George III (1783) have been born and raised in Britain and the Queen is directly related back to at least George III, if not further.  History is important, tradition is important, they both provide us with lessons and experience and hint at ways to live our lives for the benefit of one and all.  The royal family are the stewards of our history and tradition, they are a thread running through the British Psyche.  Take away that core and what remains? A parliament full of politicians who have not exactly covered themselves in glory. An elected politician as a President? In my mind we need less politicians in the world, not more.  No, we need more people like the royals who quietly get on with representing Britain at home and abroad, working with voluntary organisations and charities home and abroad, trying to maintain and promote the good name of Great Britain  and our industry home and abroad.  Meanwhile a number of our self-indulgent politicians do their best to drag our country through the mire. Give me the royals any day of the week: twice on Sundays.

Aside from that the monarchy provides a figurehead for the country that is apolitical.  The reigning monarch is somebody who represents us, the British, as a people, at home or abroad.  The monarch has no political agenda, is often more in touch with what people think than many politicians, is on the inside, yet on the outside of international affairs and over the years provides a consistency which is comforting and neccessary to ensure political and economic stability.  The fact that the monarchy is there provides a rallying point for the country in times of hardship.  World War II was a classic example, today was another. We live in tough times,  but the happenstance of the royal wedding provided a welcome relief from the doom and gloom.  If all you can do is poo-poo it as hype, I pity you – life is too damn short to be a cynic.  Most of us are privileged to live in a relatively peaceful, stable, law-abiding society if we can’t find the time to be thankful and have some fun, shame on us.

As we go forward into the 21st century, I hope we continue to have a monarchy. They provide a true link with our great past, a rallying point for the nation in times of crisis and embody the people of our nation at home and abroad keeping a distance from political wranglings.

You may not be a supporter of the monarchy like me, you may be a republican like Cromwell.  You may believe that anybody in public office must be voted for.  I can understand that point of view, but I don’t adhere to it.  Sometimes having people with no political agenda in positions of responsibility is a good thing, they often concentrate on doing a good job, rather than worrying about where the next vote and paycheck comes from.  As I always say, be careful what you wish for …

So I hope you enjoyed the wedding.  If you didn’t watch it, believe me you missed a very enjoyable event.  I feel good! I really do …


Dave Mc


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