Why I love working with SharePoint …

As I blogged yesterday that I have been renewed as a SharePoint MVP I got to wondering why it is I love working with SharePoint?  When I say I work with SharePoint, several of my compatriots in the UK Community look at me with pity, shake their head or say things like “Oh God!” or “Unlucky!”.

This response does mystify me a little I have to say. Let me first say that SharePoint is not a perfect product, unlike some might like to claim, it isn’t a cure for cancer, it doesn’t make you tea in the morning, it isn’t even suitable for all business solutions … What it is however is a great platform on which to build business applications from the simplistic to the very complex. It supports pretty much anything you might want to do: Workflow, Document Management, Displaying/Editing Line of Business Data, Content Management and a bunch of other stuff around Office and Visio.  That stuff comes Out Of The Box.  Once you crack open the SharePoint Object Model, the world is pretty much your oyster, you can do anything you like.  It has a deployment architecture built into the fabric of the product that makes it simple to enhance the product and what’s more you can do it in a way that’s scalable to any number of users.

I’m lucky enough at the moment to be working on a project that is probably one of the largest SharePoint deployments in the UK today, and I’m picking up nuances of the product I never before considered and ways of working with it that I never considered.  It’s been a bit of a hard road sometimes getting to grips with the way SharePoint works from the internals point of view, but to me, it’s been worth it.

So when one of my fellow developers who still work on custom development projects say to me “SharePoint, Unlucky!”, inwardly I’m smiling, as personally I think they’re the unlucky one!  An OOTB SharePoint WebSite provides pretty much all the fundamental functionality of any website out there on an Intranet or on the Internet: Data Access, Security, Logging, Auditing, Versioning, Document Management, Personalisation.  I don’t have to write any of that basic boiler plate stuff again. It’s all there in the product. I can add anything else the customer needs as and when and I can make it look however the customer wants it to look. Can’t see the problem personally.

I love working with SharePoint. Not sure I’ve really explained why. But I do.


Dave Mc


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