Reporting Services Integrated Mode Error

I was getting pretty recently a problem with Reporting Services Integrated Mode with SharePoint 2010, it was this …

I’d set up SSRS to work with Kerberos Authentication in SharePoint 2010 Integrated Mode and it all seemed to be working perfectly in that reports rendered through SharePoint worked perfectly.  I then left it a while and came back to it and started getting “Cannot create a connection to data source” error.  Looking further my data sources were failing to connect with the error “Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’.” Oh dear. Kerberos right?  Did some digging around and checking, nothing seemed to be wrong.

Then I logged onto the server hosting the Report Server and navigated to the Report Server URL directly, blow me, the report rendered correctly … hmmm.  Went back to my workstation logged onto the SharePoint site and opened the report in Integrated mode and blow me, report rendered fine.  Did an iisreset and restarted the Reporting Services service, back came the “Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’.” error …

The problem?

It came down to the browser in the end. My SharePoint 2010 URL needed to be in the “Local Intranet” Zone.  Once I did this the issue dissappeared and the reports would always render correctly.  Reading around I found this article from 2006 which indicates that this is ‘the’ thing to do. Not too sure about that, certainly in a cross-domain issue it doesn’t seem to work, a combination of Basic Authentication and Trusted Zone seems to work in that particular case.  Anyhow, if you get seemingly temperamental behaviour of Kerberos Authentication with Reporting Services in that now it works, now it doesn’t, try switching your URL to be in the ‘Local intranet’ zone either locally or via Group Policy.

[Update : 14 Jul 2011 Looks like you also have to have the SSRS URL you use in the Trusted Sites Zone – thanks to Paul Lynch for this amendment]


Hope that helps


Dave Mc


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