Don’t Believe Everything You Read …

Take this article in the Independent for instance in 2009, which predicted that 2010 would be the hottest year ever recorded for the world.  Well. It wasn’t, it was warm, but only as 2005 which was the second warmest on record. Not ever. Just  on record. The records go back about 300 years or so.  Not 10,000, not 1,000,000.

2011 hasn’t got off to a great start, it’s pretty average really only about  +0.15 above the average which if it continues means it’s a non-eventful year.  I’m sure Human-Caused Global Warming Advocates will just dismiss a cool year as an anomaly, and then point to the warm years to prove their assertion.  I just say you can’t possibly say that human’s have caused all the warming we’ve seen in the last 30 years.  It’s an established fact that the world has not warmed in the last 10 years, so are we to blame for it not warming?

I’ve always said that the world is way to complex for us to understand all it’s intricacies at the moment. Let’s just look after our own backyards (look after the wildllife, don’t dump rubbish and poisons everywhere, don’t overfish the seas and stop keep cutting down the rainforests for beef burgers) and I’m sure planet earth will look after the other details!

So don’t always believe the doom mongers out there, they might sound like they know, but if they really could predict the future, don’t you think they’d be in Las Vegas, not writing for the Independent?


Dave Mc


About davemcmahon81
Software Developer & Architect, User Group Leader, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Occasional Guitarist, Man-made Global Warming Sceptic, Climate Change Believer, General Optimist but most of all proud Husband and Dad ...

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