Adding a Non-Admin Server to FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Fails

I spent the best part of last week configuring FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, and along the way I came across an issue which at the time absolutely flummuxed me. On reflection I probably should have done a better job at diagnosing the issue, but time was tight and the pressure was on, so I called Microsoft Support and happily they did a great job of helping me to resolve the issue.

So, what was the issue?

Well I had to install a 2-server FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Farm into which I had to plug a 12 server SharePoint 2010 Farm. Using the pretty comprehensive TechNet documentation I successfully configured the first Admin Node server, but when it came to adding in the second Non-Admin server the configuration repeatedly failed, and on analyzing the configuration log I kept seeing the message:

“27/07/2011 09:47:31 Verbose Utility.Execute – “{drive}:\FASTSearch\bin\MonitoringServiceConfig.exe” Output – Error: The file ‘{drive}:\FASTSearch\etc\middleware.cfg’ was not found.”

I consulted  the following resources on the Internet:

Great though these resources are, none of them handled the specific error I was experiencing.  I had made sure of the following:

  • The Firewall on both machines was on– odd but there you go, it is apparently safest to have the firewall’s on …
  • I had created my deployment.xml in Notepad++ – not Visual Studio which puts in weird characters at the start of the file which FAST can’t deal with.
  • Powershell scripts were enabled properly and that I was in the FastSearchAdministrators group on the servers in question.

My issue was eventually resolved after a support call with Microsoft and was simply down to a proxy configuration script.  FAST communicates between servers using IPSec it seems and any custom proxy configuration script can interfere.  So to resolve the issue I did the following:

  • Opened up Internet Explorer.
  • Selected Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings.
  • Made sure that the “Use automatic configuration script” was unchecked and that the Address box was empty.
  • Clicked OK and OK again.
  • Re-ran the configuration wizard, this time is was successful.

My thanks to Microsoft Support.  Hope this helps anybody else who has the issue.


Dave Mc


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2 Responses to Adding a Non-Admin Server to FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Fails

  1. Wally Yuen says:

    Would you be able to sent me a copy the proxy configuration script that was written by microsoft

    Thank you

    • Hi Wally,

      I thnk you missed the point slightly 🙂 . The point was there WAS a local proxy configuration script in place, it had to be disabled in order for the FAST configuration to work. Microsoft just told be to disable the proxy script, that was all by clearing the checkbox.

      Hope that helps.


      Dave Mc

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