Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming

Picked up this interesting article on the Wall Street Journal

I’m sure we’ll see more of this.  A good thing too. If you’ve read my blog before, unlikely I know … I fully accept that the climate changes and is warming, the evidence is pretty clear.  What I don’t accept is the allegation that somehow in the last 50 years, planet Earth has suddenly decided to have no say in the matter and that any change in the climate is now simply all mankind’s fault … doesn’t make sense to me.  No doubt these guys will be branded as heretics and ‘deniers’, and the governments of the world will continue to tax the living daylights out of those who they think can afford it and let the heavy polluters of the world continue their merry way, whilst also ignoring the over fishing of the seas, the destruction of forests and eco-systems.

It’s about time people started to educate themselves in both sides of the argument, and think about the reality of the situation, not blindly swallow the IPCC party line that it’s all due to us driving around in our cars …


Dave Mc


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Software Developer & Architect, User Group Leader, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Occasional Guitarist, Man-made Global Warming Sceptic, Climate Change Believer, General Optimist but most of all proud Husband and Dad ...

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