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7 Responses to Namespace prefix ‘xsd’ is not defined

  1. treeseeker says:

    I am new to SharePoint 2010. Would you explain in more detail how to implement this?


    • Hi,

      What you need to do is create a Custom Control in Visual Studio which will be deployed to {14}\TEMPLATES\CONTROLTEMPLATES folder using the code behind I show. The actual ascx file is as simple as:

      Simply add it to the Master page you are using using then @Register directive at the top of the masterpage much like you see others (look at the v4.master if you’re unsure).
      Hope that helps

      Dave Mc

  2. treeseeker says:

    I ended up using Matt Olson’s IE9 javascript fix found at the link below and now site permissions work perfectly!


    Thanks again!

  3. Brian Scott says:

    I found that even when setting the X-UA-Compatible to IE9 in only non edit mode there were still problems with certain system forms such as the masterpage publish / approval lists.

    The only reliable workaround I’ve found is to conditionally include Pie-JS if the browser is IE in order to bring back the CSS3 features.


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