Method not found: ‘System.String Microsoft.ServiceBus.Commands.Common.SecurityHelper.CreateServerAdministratorRole(System.String, System.String)’

Received this error today when building out a Workflow Manager installation “Production style” following Spence’s Instructions here.  It happened directly I tried to actually build the Workflow Manager Farm.  UP until then everything had gone to plan as per Spence’s instructions. A quick “Bing” and I came across this article.  Which hinted that was missing Service Bus 1.0 Package.  Absolutely not!  It was all installed through the Web Deploy.  I had however opted to install CU1 to the Service Bus 1.0 when I installed everything.  What was I thinking!  A CU that actually doesn’t break anything …? 

So I uninstalled Service Bus 1.0 CU, Service Bus 1.0 and Windows Fabric then re-installed Service Bus 1.0 and it all went through no problem.


Dave Mc


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