It’s been a weird few days. For many months on Facebook and in other discussions I’ve often defended what I suppose some people might call “the establishment”. The Monarchy, the House of Lords, our voting systems. I have my reasons, which I believe are valid, as to why we should keep these institutions and systems, which I’m happy to discuss another time, this post is not about that, it’s about the topsy-turvy situation we find ourselves in.

I voted Leave, quite determinedly as I believe that the UK should not allow itself to be handed over piecemeal to a European elite dream of a United States of Europe. This would not happen in the short or even medium term, but it would undoubtedly happen in the long term if we remained in the EU.

I believe this to be a bad thing, and I can see it’s a bad thing simply by looking across at our friends in the USA, whose federal government is at the mercy of lobbyists and power brokers. Millions upon millions of money spent on elections, millions upon lobbying backed by powerful corporations. We laugh out loud, if a little sadly, at the USA’s inability to introduce even the simplest of gun controls, why? Because of the gun lobby. There are other lobbies too, but this one impacts the lives of everyday folk in the most tragic ways.

When the Dunblane horror occurred in this country, the government was quick to react, and whilst there was the Manchester incident, shootings have remained mercifully rare in this country. Why could we do this? No lobby powerful enough to control the wheels of our directly elected government or its sanity checking House of Lords.

Ultimately as the EU grows, and expands, big business has realised the secret to getting your goods into the EU, is to lobby the politicians and the bureaucrats, and that is what is happening. The likes of Monsanto and Bayern even now, are trying to get banned bee-killing pesticides into the EU and whilst the EU parliament is providing some temporary obstacles, the EU Commission has rolled over to accommodate them. TTIP is the same, a product of lobbying by big business. As Daniel Hannan a Tory MEP states “big corporations lobby the EU for regulation, not because they are good citizens, but because it means only the big corporations can afford the cost of regulation and hence they can stifle innovation and competition…”. See the full video at

I believe the individual governments of sovereign states can more effectively thwart this powerful and undesirable feature of the free-market system, simply by the fact that there are too many of them for a single company to try to control, hence I believe the political union dream of the EU should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, the political and trading aims of the EU are so intertwined now that they cannot be separated, hence my firm belief that we should leave the EU project to hopefully implode on itself and allow countries to find another way trade together, without having undue influence over each other, thereby denying the big business lobbyists their nirvana of a single transnational point of contact.

I have observed that my fellow debaters on Facebook are often decrying the lack of democracy in this country, shaking their proverbial fist at the “establishment”, the “toffs”, the “aristocracy”, the “out of date fuddy-duddies” who protect their own interests. Yet they have failed to see the same faults lie within the EU bureaucracy. The very people who accuse myself and others my age of “living in a past imperial dream age, long gone” are , in my eyes, blind to the absolute peril and tyranny that the United States of Europe project will bring down on Europe and the UK if we stay.

And the amazing irony is, that the very people who have in the past months and weeks berated the “establishment” have through their remain vote and with their determination to undermine a genuine democratic decision by trying to force a second Referendum have aligned themselves with the very organisations and structures they have cursed and derided over and over again.

Strangely, it is the “naïve” Leave voters who have seen through the charade of the “establishment”. The failure to connect with the ordinary people of this country and to deliver the benefits of the growth of the western world in a fair manner. But the “establishment” is not the “toffs” and “Etonians”. And the Leave campaigners know this instinctively. The “establishment” are at the heart of the UK and EU commerce. It is the bankers, the insurance brokers, the investment banks, the big businesses, the career politicians, the spin doctors, the media, the intellectuals, the self-appointed experts, the EU commissioners, politicians and bureaocrats.

They are the people trying to protect their interests, and who in their ivory and concrete towers in Canary Wharf and Brussels are so quick to instantly dismiss as bigotry and racism, the complaints and concerns of the Northern, Welsh and Midlands working classes and middle classes. Those communities can almost hear the snide and derisory insults directed at them, as the establishment sips cups of coffee in the local office Starbucks.

And the populace of London and the urban areas who voted Remain laugh with them, not seeing the deceit, not realising that they have been drawn into the establishment. They themselves have become the “establishment” tool to preserve the “status quo”, the “norm” and take the “safe route” of EU integration. Quietly letting the real power-brokers of Europe, the lobbyists and big business dictate our future, based on a new “establishment” now even more remote than London, even less in touch with the people and utterly impossible to change through any kind of vote. The European elite’s dream coming true.

One benefit of being my age, is I remember life before the EU, and whilst it was far from perfect, it did exist and was pretty much as now, except our elected government had the final say in all things. We controlled for better or for worse how this Country did things. It wasn’t perfect, it still isn’t. But we knew that in 5 years’ time we could change the government, change direction, should we wish to. The EU has not changed direction in the 40 years it has been in existence. It’s a juggernaut on a single course, no matter what the consequences. It’s monolithic, out of date, but it’s unstoppable and it will be the ruination of more nations like Greece, until somebody has the courage to stand up and say “No more”.

And sadly, it hasn’t been the intellectuals, the bankers, the people with the power who have had the courage to say “No more”, as they are now all part of the “establishment” and are too consumed with keeping the wheels turning, keeping the grants flowing, keeping the gravy train going.

No, it’s the rural workers, the small town workers, the manual workers, those disenfranchised voters, whom nobody now listens to, not even their fellow countrymen, who have seen through the disguise of the EU, seen it for what it really is: the new and future “establishment”, the new “toffs”, the new self-appointed “aristocracy”.

Meanwhile the superior liberal elite of London and urban sanctuaries who so deride the Leave voters as simple rural “idiots” and “racists”, are attempting to usurp the result of democratic referendum so that they can continue blissfully walking into their own oblivion. The multi-national corporations must be rubbing their hands together, laughing …

It’s a topsy-turvy world …


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