Terra Nova

I’m liking Terra Nova.  I know, compared to Outcasts, it’s more … ‘shiny’. It’s also more entertaining, got more action, better story lines, less soul searching, less navel watching and better looking women …


I know. I’m shallow, and easily pleased by the moguls at Hollywood, the sort of viewer they dream of.

You know what. I don’t give a monkeys!

I like Terra Nova.


Dave Mc

I’m Paying for Spotify Unlimited …

I’ve decided to support Spotify and pay my £4.99 a month for unlimited music.  Whatever you think of the music industry itself, the bottom line is that somewhere, somehow somebody needs to be paid for making music.  There are the recording studios, the production staff, the design artists not forgetting the musicians themselves.  If we want good music to continue then somebody, i.e us needs to make a contribution and £4.99 a month for pretty much any artist is a good deal.  If making a company like Spotify profitable and thereby changing the way the music companies view them and support them this can only be a good thing.   I enjoyed my free Spotify, but it’s a quality service and £4.99 a month is great value, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t stump up the cash.

Go for it Spotify!


Dave Mc

Mad Dogs … I like it … I think …

Following on from my entry into the world of TV critics … heh heh … with my Outcasts blog entry, I thought, seeing as I was accused of all kinds of shallowness and having a short attention span, and having no appreciation for anything that requires some patience and thought … yeah right! … I’d muse a bit about Mad Dogs.

The main thing that attracted me to watching the show was the actor Marc Warren, who I rate really highly seeing him in Band of Brothers and in Hustle where he was awesome as Danny Blue. I have to admit … I’m not totally sold on it yet, but and this is the big difference from Outcasts, there was enough going on to keep me interested.  The characters immediately had some depth.  There was a hint of some dark and dirty dealings going on, and tension betwen the characters especially between the Marc Warren and Philip Glenister characters, when the former, who is married, has a bit of a fling with a young lass he meets in a night club.

I won’t spoil the ending of the first episode for you, but it’s a bit of a shocker to say the least and leaves you thinking … “Oh … right … best I watch the next episode then!”

So I will persist with this one for a while, because at least it seems to be going somewhere.  It’s not immediate gratification, it requires some patience, but there is humour and some grit in there to grab you, at least a little, from the word go.


Dave Mc

Outcasts and The Kings Speech … blimey!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog entry which has so many comments … must say something about my other stuff!

What I find interesting is almost everybody went off discussing Outcasts, I got one accusation of being jaded and a Top Gear lover … eh?  Only a couple of people seemed to notice the other half of the post about The Kings Speech.  The film is only about 90 minutes long, yet for me, it packed more emotion and empathy for the characters into the first 10 mins than I saw in two hours of Outcasts.  The Kings Speech essentially has only three characters;  Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helen Bonham-Carter.  Outcasts has at least twice if not more than that.  Most of the Kings Speech takes place in one or two badly decorated rooms. Outcasts has great special effects and dramatic scenery.  The Kings Speech concentrates on events that were relevant to only a few people directly, though admittedly it had ripples throughout the world.  Outcasts is about the future of the whole of humanity.  The deck is totally stacked in the favour of Outcasts really as being the superior drama.

So what is it that can bring me to tears (and laughter) within 10 mins of watching the King’s Speech, yet was missing in Outcasts?  Is it acting ability? Is it the script-writer? The producer? Director?  All of them?

Answers on a postcard …


Dave Mc

Outcasts – Boring! The King’s Speech – Immense!

I like a good Sci-Fi series, really I do, so I was looking forward to Outcasts, but after two attempts I’ve given up.  Why? Because it’s boring. Boring, boring, boring. It shouldn’t have been boring, with those actors, with those special effects, with that story, but somehow the screen writers have managed to conspire to turn what could have been a classic into a drudge…

A friend of mine from Ridgian , where I work, said he felt the same.  He hit the nail on the head I think, when he said he couldn’t give a monkey’s about any of the characters.  That’s the problem.   They’re crying on screen, lamenting, shouting and I’m sitting there thinking “So what?”.  

On the other hand I went to see The King’s Speech last weekend with my lovely wife. I’m not ashamed to say I shed some tears but I laughed too.  No special effects, but superior actors and an amazing script.  From the word go you were in there with the characters, you felt for Bertie, and you suffered with him.  Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth were the greatest duo on screen, in my humble opinion, since Jack Nickelson and Helen Hunt in ‘As Good As It Gets’. 

So … good luck with Outcasts if you watch it, let me know how that works out for you. Treat yourself though and see The King’s Speech.  You’ll measure everything other film or series you watch by it, you mark my words. It’s that good.


Dave Mc

Stargate Atlantis – it’s great …

Like a lot of people in our industry, I have been and guess I always will be a bit of a Sci-Fi buff. I’ve followed the antics of the Star Trek crews, but decidely did not like Enterprise.  Never reallly been into Battlestar, etc, BUT I saw the original Stargate Movie with Kurt Russell many years ago and loved it, and became a big fan of the Stargate SG-1 series.
The first spin off series (second?) is Stargate Atlantis and I have to say having seen it on telly and then gone back to watch the DVDs, it really is an awesome series, great characters and great stories, totally fanciful, no reality what-so-ever! Brilliant!
Check it out on Sky2 or Channel 4, you won’t regret it, if you do , tough!