Office 365 Web Part Menu Not Available IE11

I’ve finally managed to get around doing some work on investigating SharePoint 2013 Apps.  Yeah, late I know, but that’s the nature of project work and having a full life outside of IT.  Still better late than never I say.

Anyhow, I noticed this strange behaviour on Office 365.  The menu button for the web parts appeared to have changed and all you can do is to minimise or maximise the web part.


Further more the web part options in the Ribbon appear to be disabled too.  I’m logged on as Global Administrator for the tenancy by the way with Site Collection administrator permissions.


I was using IE11, so I just had this inkling of an idea that it could be a browser issue…  so switching to Chrome sure enough I see on the same page, firstly the Ribbon elements are enabled where appropriate:


And secondly, the web part drop down menu appears nicely:


So back to IE and using the F12 tools, sure enough if I switch the User Agent String to IE10 but leave document mode as Edge


Then the web part menu reappears nicely again.

So how to fix this for all the pages without having to mess around with the F12 tools every time I want to actually edit a page?  Well I’d hoped to just change the X-UA-Compatible meta tag in the header as often this solves such issues.  However the Seattle Master Page already has this set to IE10 – which should tell us something … so no solution there.  It’s not the Document Mode which is the issue really, which is what the X-UA-Compatible meta tag affects.  It’s the User Agent which leads me to suspect that it is the browser itself.  No issue with IE8,9,10, Firefox or Chrome, just IE11. Fab.  If anyone finds a solution let me know.


Dave Mc